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This section of the website describes the different magnetic strip tickets used since Automatic Fare Collection was installed at Circular Quay terminal and
Manly Wharf in 1989. The tickets are dispensed from ticket vending machines and booking office machines at manned windows at these locations.
Most of the tickets are specifically for ferry travel, however some types have a bus and/or rail travel component as well.
The same applies to the range of pre-printed/encoded tickets developed for sale off-system.

A Brief History

Introducing AFC - The 1989 Thorn-EMI system

Ticket Designs 1989 - 1999

The 1991 Brochures

1991 Sample Tickets

The 1999 AES Prodata system

Ticket Designs 1999 - current

Pre-Encoded Tickets

Souvenir Ticket Design

NOTE:   For our reference purposes, the side with the issuing authorities name thereon is deemed to be the front.
The names of the ticket designs are also ours and totally unofficial.

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