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Abbreviations and Descriptions Numerous abbreviations have been used, and any new abbreviations will be shown in red hereunder - A typical U van link may look like this: [002.AL694.b] U 615 - part, s2e1, FR, ND, whb, SAB, 4" lett, East Yard, 26/10/1976, [oRXO] What this translates to is: [002.AL694.b} - Directory/Unique file ID/ b - black & white (or c - colour) U 615 - The wagon part - not entire wagon (perhaps in background, portion of coupled wagon, specific part) s2e1 - side 2 end 1 (or: s1e1, s1e2, s2e2, s1p0, s2p0, e1p0, e2p0 (p0 = perpendicular) FR - Flat roof (or CR - corrugated roof) ND - Narrow doors (or WD - wide doors) whb - wheel handbrake (or lhb - lever handbrake) SAB - Square axle boxes (or RAB - Round axleboxes, FFA - FFA or FFA-style axleboxes) 4" lett - 4" lettering where shown otherwise 7" lettering East Yard - Location 26/10/1976 - Date [oRXO] - originator of photo (RXO = Rob O'Regan) Other common abbreviations used include: mhb - bogie stock: mhb - Miner/Ajax type wheel h/b, rhb - ratchet h/b, shb - star h/b) sc h/b - bogie stock: sc h/b - screw h/b, whb - wheel h/b [B] - Blurred [LF] - Light fogged 1EL - 1 end louvre (VLX wagons) 1LD - 1 louvre in door/s 2EL - 2 end louvres (VLX wagons) 2LD - 2 louvres in door/s 1WD/2WD - (ZLP vans) 1 or 2 windows in goods compt door(s) [A/C] - Air conditioned ATES - Ardeer-Tocumwal Explosives Safety BLC - Buffers and Link couplings C&W WHEELS - HR wagons - Car & Wagon wheels/wheel transport CNB - On KMQ - central number board CPF - Chequerplate (metal) floor CTL - Container twist locks fitted DBS - Dog box sealed/out of use (ZL Guards Vans) DTB - (on service stock usually) Direct Traffic Between ... DT - as above, Direct Traffic... DW - "DW" in upper case on DW and WT wagons - Domestic Water DWO - Domestic Water Only ETO - Explosives Traffic Only KMQ's ex Tommy Bent - HD wagons - converted from "Tommy Bent" style higher sided I/IA FDP - Flat door panel/s FTB - For traffic between... FTV - Food Transport Vehicle placard FW - Full windows (Tait suburban cars) LB - Lamp Brackets LB+TD - Lamp Brackets and Tail Disc LNB - On KMQ - large number board (at LH end) LR - On FQX and derivatives - Lashing rails LRR - On FQX and derivatives - Lashing rails removed LVR - Large VR logo MTNEG - Melbourne-Traralgon News Express Goods NEGMT - News Express Goods Melbourne-Traralgon NEGMB - News Express Goods Melbourne-Bendigo NES type - HD wagons - ex "standard" I/IA, North East Standard guage construction NLD - No louvre in door/s NS - Non-smoking signage OS - GY/RY wagons with outside sills PDP - Pressed door panels PSP - Pressed side panels S&T lines - HD wagons - Signal & Telegraph Lines S/NS - Smoking/Non Smoking signs SEB - Small end bulkhead (KR wagons) SNB - On KMQ - small number board (at LH end) SVR - Small VR logo TD - Tail Disc TSH - Tarp support holes TWP - Temporary Wheat Proof (RY wagons) wf - wooden floor Wire1 - (Wire Traffic RY's) No.5 SHED MELBOURNE GOODS Wire2 - (Wire Traffic RY's) SOUTH AUSTRALIA wss - wooden shunters steps In most instances, the following abbreviations are used for bogie or wheel types: AB - Aligned bogies BFB - Bar frame bogies BX - BX bogies CSB - Cast steel bogies DFB - Diamond frame bogies eVRpb - Early type VR passenger bogies (mainly WW class) LLAB - Low level aligned bogies (BFW/FCW wagons) PB - Packaged bogies PFB - Plate Frame bogies RBA - Roller Bearing axleboxes RBB - Roller Bearing bogies SCB - "S" car bogies SCFB - Suburban Channel Frame bogies SCSB - Suburban Cast Steel bogies SG - Standard Gauge SGAB - Standard gauge aligned bogies SGB - Standard gauge bogies (unidentified) SGBX - Standard gauge BX bogies SGCB - Standard gauge cast steel bogies SGCSB - Standard gauge cast steel bogies SGLLAB - Standard gauge low level aligned bogies (BFW/FCW wagons) SGPFB - Standard gauge plate frame bogies SPFB - Suburban Plate Frame bogies TBA - Tender bogies (top bracing) TBB - Tender bogies (no top bracing) TT - TT type bogies dw - "dw" in lower case - disc wheels sw - spoked wheels ssw - spilt spoke wheels At the bottom of each series page are some more describers, eg IDs Source ... RXO - Rob O'Regan collection Series page "FILEABRA" sourced from Rob O'Regan Generated at 17:02, 30/04/2006 [i27]. Check for changes after 29/07/2006 � Peter J. Vincent 1998-2006 These list the abbreviation used for the sources ID's, full source name, the filename of the series page, the time the page was originally generated, the number of items and/or "hidden" files [i27h4], a program-generated expiry date and the authors copyright. As more photographs are indexed, the number of items will increase and the expiry date on each affected page will be replaced by "updated dd/mm/yyyy". With the html index pages, it now becomes possible to download the entire collecion of photos and html and run on your home computer as desired.